- As we know, your Baku concert will be held within your Asian tour. Which cities you will visit after Baku?


- It is quite staggering list, I think that I can not count all the cities. You need to ask about it my manager (smiles). I hate to travel, but love to perform for the audience, in particular for people around the world. It's amazing how diverse is the audience, in the hall you can feel a certain difference between cultures. There was a striking case when we were last in Shanghai, as soon as I began to sing a BachAir song from the repertoire of GString, it turned out that everyone knows this song, and everyone started to sing it with me (note from the tour manager: after Baku Bobby and the orchestra will visit Izmir, Istanbul, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo).


- You have become world famous in 1988 with your hit "Do not Worry Be Happy". How do you explain such popularity? Do not you think that it lives its own separate life?


- I can not explain it! It still surprises me. Yes, I agree that this song live separate life. It has catchy tune, I like it too, because I spent a lot of time to write and record it - it was some kind of momentary impulse, and I just started humming the melody, as my manager insisted that I completed it. All this happened in one day. It amazes me how much people love this song. I am very glad that it has a success to this day among many people!


- How did you come up with the idea to use your voice as an unusual instrument? Have you started your career as a pianist musician?


- I grew up in a family of singers. My parents were professionals - father sang at the Metropolitan Opera, and my mother was a soprano soloist in our church choir. When I was still a kid, they both taught singing at home. Our family always sang together. But I wanted to be different and became instrumentalist! Suddenly one day, when I was 27 years old, I went home, and distinctly heard my inner voice that tells me what to do with my external voice. So I began to offer to the people to hear what I heard myself. I like to play more than one role, adhering to the bass line during performance, so as a vocalist I borrowed a lot from being the pianist.


- When did you first notice that may involve public in your music-making? In which of your performances the communication with the audience you remember the most?


- I do not remember the "first" case. It seems that I do it always. I feel the moments when I can not do without the help of the audience, and I ask the audience to help me. This is my most favorite moments during the show when the audience sings along with me.


-Who of the musicians left a inprint in your establishment?


-I have many favorite musicians, but naming those who changed me you will get a very impressive list. These are Herbie Hancoc, Miles Davis, Fred Astaire, my father, Sly Stone, Chick Corea and many others.


- What is your spiritual path?


- For me each music is a prayer. I try to get pleasure of it.


- You will present in Baku your latest album "Spirit You All". What is the idea of this project and the story of its creation?


- For a long time I thought about a project of canons. My father has prepared an album of church songs, and I wanted to pay tribute to him; besides, I was trying to realize how I am faithful in this life. But I did not want to sing a song in that manner in which they were sang by my father. He succeeded in doing so much more than I would have done ever. I had to find my way. About three years ago, I and my producer decided that we can combine the idea of ​​spiritual hymns with my passion for blues, folk performances in the style of James Taylor and Eric Clapton - in music, in which I had never experimented. They very quickly put together. I love this album, and I like to go on tour with my musicians. We travel together for two years, and now we are one family. It was a truly excellent experience.


- What do you expect from a concert in Baku? Do you have any wishes for fans of Bobby McFerrin?


- We are actively preparing for a big concert in Baku! I'm really discouraged by the prospect to take the orchestra to another part of the world and to provide an opportunity for people to experience the joy and fun that I experience every evening with great musicians in my band. I hope that people will like it as much as I like. Please come – let’s sing together!