Could you tell, whether it is difficult or not to issue any kind of magazine and how it works from the point of view of consumers.

Of course, in a whole there is a crisis now. It is difficult to issue any kind of magazine in Europe, especially if is about music, because there is very small consumer market and the demand for cultural issues is not big. In spite of that “Jazz Thing” has been published for fifteen years.


How far are the geographical borders of spreading the magazine?

First of all the magazine is for German speaking countries: Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg. Besides we try to spread it all over the airports of such countries as Italy and France.


It is known, that magazine “Jazz Thing” has already been participating in exhibition “Jazzahead!” for many years, what the purpose is and how good the results are.

It is quite correct, it has been participating in the exhibition “Jazzahead!” since the day of its establishment and more of that we have our own hall which exists for seven years. It is very important for us to participate in such grand occasion, because the magazine is German one and participation in the exhibition in Bremen is one of our advantages. The representatives of culture from all over the world are coming here and our purpose is to cooperate and to communicate in an international extent with them. We make efforts to create good relationship, because our aim is to attract musicians not only from Germany: the journalists very often write about interesting personalities of other countries of Europe and of the world.


Does your magazine make any advertisements for musicians?

Yes, it sometimes, does. The name of the project is “Next generation”. For example we advertise disks and cooperate with such labels as “Double Moon Records” in Germany. This cooperation lasts for about ten years: it means that we advertise and issue disks of young progressive musicians who cannot do it by their own. As a result many of them achieve good results and they are inspired by the fact that there is an institution which they can trust. To be more precise, the magazine “Jazz Thing” in some degree supports them.


Does the government help you in some way?

No, it doesn’t. We look for sponsors. It is very complicated but at the same time very realistic process.


I think the work you do is very honourable one! I wish success and prosperity to staff of magazine “Jazz Thing”.