In 2016 Jazzahead! exhibition will be from 21 to 24 april at the Bremen messe centrum ex­hibition center in Bremen, Germany. This is a show of regional and national culture, pleasing visitors with its style and unique­ness. Jazzahead! consists of a festival, exhibitions and a conference on jazz. Those interested are able to get acquainted with the trends and news in the jazz music, as well as to listed to renowned musicians from around the world.


So it was to participate in this large-scale forum that we set off. The azer­baijani pavilion, this time made possible with the support of the ministry of culture and tourism, was already familiar to visitors who had come here in the past years. This is the third year the magazine jazz dunyasi represents azerbaijani jazz (in the form of cds, posters, books and magazines) at the most important european jazz festival exhibition.


Jazzahead! has been held since 2006, and since then is considered a signifi­cant event in the world of jazz music, and the most important one for europe. a nicely designed exhibition, where the sound of improvisation is heard in every corner, is a source of inspiration for musicians from different countries. During the four-day exchange of information, the crazy scale of the organization could inter­est the visitors. being an eastern oil-rich country, which became even more famous thanks to the recently held eurovision contest, we drew the attention of those who came to see what was knew.


And there were stories about the birth of jazz in Baku in the early 30s, the tragic fate of musi­cians who perished in the great purge and the ban on jazz. all this caused a big surprise and delight at the same time, since no one expected baku to be a place where jazz music was played already at the beginning of the last century.

Jazz Dunyasi released a new cd, a collection of works entitled jazz from azerbaijan specially for the exhibition. the making of this cd, as well as of Rain Sultanov’s album live were sponsored by the ceo of A + A Mr. Rauf Ali­yev, to whom we express our gratitude! cds were passed to all who wished to become better ac­quainted with our music, and read the magazine to find out what is happening in jazz, both in baku and in the world. Jazzahead 2013 is a unique event for the world of jazz, combining the fes­tival spirit, the serious nature of the conference, the great variety of the exhibitions and the energy of club performances.


Concerts of artists from different countries needed to be attended, where little-known but interesting bands demon­strated their skill in the genre worth comparing to that of international stars.

This year’s forum was held under the flag of israel , and the most prominent representa­tive of that country was avishai cohen with his trio. saying that the concert was good is like saying nothing. avishai demonstrated great mastery of the instru­ment, and the program was mainly made up of his own compositions and traditional jewish motifs. the stunningly beautiful concert was thought out and well-performed, from the greeting to the farewell bow. the audi­ence demanded an encore, stomping and unwilling to let him go. a farewell performance of remember reminded that the next day is was the last one of the grand forum.


Indeed, just the fig­ures from the festival lead us to understand how large-scale this year’s event was: more than 7,000 participants, including 2,250 profes­sional jazz-makers, 500 exhibitors, among them representatives of music labels, promoters, media, publishers, and many oth­ers coming from 31 coun­tries of the world and giving about 70 concerts in just four days!


Participants come here from year to year, as they are certain that this exhi­bition is of great benefit. it enables them to move and grow, opens doors for communication and exchange, and features new names from new par­ticipant countries.


I am sure that Azerbai­jan’s participation did not go unnoticed, for since our arrival, letters, CDs and magazines keep com­ing in the mail.




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